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Excited Children in Science Class

Full of joy, energy, and endless potential. Toddlers are making their first steps into the world. We help facilitate a safe and secure platform for them to make these leaps.

Structured Lessons

When you're a baby learning is all about play! We believe supervised individual time is valuable for infants who want explore the world in a small controlled environment when they need a little break from being around others!

Red Head Baby

Safely Playing with Friends!

While individual play is good, group time is great! Even babies are naturally wired to make connections with those around them. Plenty of group time is vital for their development as they figure out who they are and who their friends are.

Baby Girl with Soother

Rest and Schedule

Of course you can't play and learn if you don't have plenty of rest. This is especially true for infants. They will get all the naps and quiet time that they need, as well as feeding on a schedule to bring a little bit of extra structure to their lives.

Feeding the Baby
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