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Kids Playing with Lego

Full of joy, energy, and endless potential. Toddlers are making their first steps into the world. We help facilitate a safe and secure platform for them to make these leaps. 

With plenty of encouragement and nurturing we introduce them to the wonderful world of play, learning, and friends.

We foster their new found drive for independence by providing a variety of creative and social opportunities to stretch their legs and meet new friends.

Structured Activites

Weather, music, painting and more! We help expose toddlers to the wide world around them. Letting them show their creativity and indulge their curiosity.

Image by Gautam Arora

Meeting New Friends

One of the most important skills our toddlers learn is how to play well with others! Having ample opportunities to make friends helps socialize children to encourage fruitful and happy relationships with others in the future.

Playing with Animals

Exploring and Learning

Along with toddler learning activities our smaller classroom sizes allow us to spend more time individually helping each toddler with where they struggle. Be it with making friends, completing activities, or even potty training!

Learning Game
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