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Kids in Preschool

Our Preschool program is one of the first steps to help get children ready for kindergarten and beyond. With a variety of structured lessons we prepare them for world ahead.

Reading, music, math and science we help our young children learn confidence in the classroom and set the foundation for a life of learning.

Our preschool program helps children get used to the classroom structure and schedule one step at a time.

Physical Exercise and Outdoors!

We teach our children good exercise habits from a young age. With weekly PE time you can be sure your kids are getting the physical activity they need to support their growing bodies!

Running Children

Science, Math, and Engineering

Along with Art and Music, our teachers also focus on making sure your children get plenty of early experience with STEM topics to make sure they get a strong foundation in these key areas to help with future development.

Children in Science Class

Outside Classes

Along with the classes we provide, we also provide opportunities with Gymnastics classes, Swimming Lessons, and other activities through other Boise businesses. These offerings vary by season and interest from parents.

Swimming Coach
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